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EOL: DiBos IP Recorder Software (EMEA/APR)

DiBos IP Recorder Software (EMEA/APR)
  • Recording Software for Bosch MPEG-4 and JPEG video sources
  • Connect up to 32 IP video sources
  • View/record video at CIF/2CIF/4CIF/Megapixel resolution
  • Connect to other DiBos recorders
  • Web-browser remote access and viewing
  • Camera tamper detection
  • Interfacing to Bosch alarm panels
  • Unlimited Remote Receiver Clients
  • Overview
    Maximum recording rate (analog and IP) 50 Mbit per second
    Recording resolution (IP inputs - Bosch IP devices) PAL: 704 x 576 (4CIF/D1), 704 x 288 (2CIF), 464 x 576 (2/3 D1), 352 x 576 (1/2 D1), 352 x 288 (CIF), 176 x144 (QCIF) NTSC: 704 x 480 (4CIF/D1), 704 x 240 (2CIF), 464 x 480 (2/3 D1), 352 x 480 (1/2 D1), 352 x 240 (CIF), 176 x120 (QCIF)
    Recording rates per channel (video inputs IP) PAL: 0,5; 1; 2; 3; 4; 5; 6; 8; 12,5; 25 ips NTSC: 0,5; 1; 2; 3; 5; 6; 7,5; 10; 15; 30 ips
    Supported single channel encoders Bosch VideoJet Series and Bosch VIP Series VideoJet 10S, VideoJet  1000 VideoJet X10 VIP X1, VIP 10
    Supported multi channel encoders Bosch VideoJet Series and Bosch VIP Series VideoJet  8004, VideoJet  8004A VideoJet  8008, VideoJet  8008A VideoJet X20, VideoJet X40 VIP X2, VIP X2A, VIP X1600
    Supported Bosch IP cameras Dinion IP, AutoDome IP, FlexiDome IP, Megapixel IP
    JPEG protocol JPEG image request via HTTP
    Supported JPEG cameras from other manufacturers IP cameras from Axis, Sony and Mobotix. For further information please contact Bosch Security Systems
    Operating system Windows XP Professional, 32-bit versions; Windows Vista, 32-bit versions
    CPU Pentium 4, 3 GHz with Hyper Threading, (Core 2 Duo CPU)
    RAM 1024 MB (2048 MB)
    VGA card 32-Bit color depth (DirectX 9 Hardware Support, no shared memory)
    Recording partition Dedicated partition for recording
    Network adapter 1000 Base-T, Gbit


  • Documents (2)
    Title Type Language
    Data Sheet PDF
    Release Note (DiBos 8.7) PDF
  • Software & Support (3)


DB SR 002-B DiBos 8 Receiver SW Burning License

Commercial Type No.: DBSR002-B
Product No.: F.01U.087.758


DBSR042EXP DiBos 8 IP expansion 4 cameras

DiBos IP expansion, 4 IP devices (maximum 32 IP devices)

Commercial Type No.: DBSR042EXP
Product No.: F.01U.072.807


DB SE 016 DiBos ATM POS Bridge License

Software interface via TCP/IP to Bosch ATM/POS bridge.

Commercial Type No.: DBSE016
Product No.: F.01U.082.744


DB SE 017 DiBos IP Software License

Software interface via TCP/IP socket connection to IP server providing POS, ATM or other data.

Commercial Type No.: DBSE017
Product No.: F.01U.082.743



Commercial Type No.: DBSE031
Product No.: 4.998.138.871