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DVA-ADTK-100A Diskarray HDD 1TB expansion

Commercial Type No.: DVA-ADTK-100A
Product No.: F.01U.164.936


DVA-SPKK-08A Diskarray Power Supply Premium 08/12

for 8-bay Premium Diskarray, 350 W

Commercial Type No.: DVA-SPKK-08A
Product No.: F.01U.025.249


DVA-SFAK-08A Diskarray Fan Module 08/12

for 8- and 12-bay

Commercial Type No.: DVA-SFAK-08A
Product No.: F.01U.025.252


DVA-SCIK-12A Diskarray Controller Premium 12bay iSCSI

Commercial Type No.: DVA-SCIK-12A
Product No.: F.01U.025.263


DVA-ASRK-28A Diskarray cabinet slider 28"

Commercial Type No.: DVA-ASRK-28A
Product No.: F.01U.025.245


DVA-ASRK-36A Diskarray cabinet slider 36"

Commercial Type No.: DVA-ASRK-36A
Product No.: F.01U.025.246