Remote Programming Software

Remote Programming Software
  • Account Assistant simplifies programming for B Series Control Panels
  • Configuration Assistant allows RPS operators to quickly configure RPS for Remote Connect (a Bosch Cloud-based Service) and Bosch Cellular Service
  • Remote firmware updates for GV4, B9512G/B8512G, and B Series control panels
  • Updates prior versions of 9000 or G Series control panel accounts to GV4 or B9512G/B8512G control panel accounts
  • Unattended service for the G, GV2, GV3, GV4, B9512G/B8512G and B Series control panels using Conettix IP communications

Product variants

D5500C-USB Kit with DVD and USB security dongle

Remote Programming Software (RPS) with USB security key (dongle).

Commercial Type No.: D5500C-USB
Product No.: 4.998.143.724

D5500CU Upgrade DVD

RPS software is available for free download on the RPS product page. It is also available on DVD-ROM.

Commercial Type No.: D5500CU
Product No.: 4.998.143.725



D5370-USB Security dongle, USB

D5370-USB Security dongle, USB

Security accessory required for RPS communication. (Not required for B Series control panels or the B465 Universal Dual Path Communicator v2.00)

Commercial Type No.: D5370-USB
Product No.: 4.998.143.723