Conettix ITS‑D6686 Ethernet Network Adapters

Conettix ITS‑D6686 Ethernet Network Adapters
  • 10Base-T/100Base-T network connection for IP account monitoring and central station automation
  • Certified IPv6 Ready by the IPv6 Forum
  • Two DB9 serial interfaces provide connection to D6600/D6672
  • Light emitting diodes (LEDs) provide status and activity
  • Supports 128-bit to 256-bit AES (Rijndael) encryption
  • Overview
    Power Input
    INTL model: AC nominal operating range: 100 VAC to 240 VAC, 50 Hz/60 Hz, 400 mA maximum
    UL model: AC nominal operating range: 120 VAC, 60 Hz, 150 mA maximum
    Temperature (operating): 0°C to +50°C (+32°F to +122°F)
    Temperature (storage): -40°C to +85°C (-40°F to +185°F)
    Unit Dimensions (not including mounting tabs): 9.5 cm x 7.3 cm x 2.3 cm (3.75 in. x 2.9 in. x 0.9  in.)
    Weight: 0.26 kg (0.6 lb)
    Protocols Supported: ARP, UDP/IP, TCP/IP, Telnet, ICMP, SNMP, DHCP, TFTP, HTTP, and BOOTP
    Serial Connectors: Two DB9M DTE serial ports
    Network Connectors: One RJ45 10BASE-T or 100BASE-TX Ethernet port
    Ethernet Cable: Category 5 or better unshielded twisted pair installed in the same enclosure/rack as the D6600. For UL installations a maximum length of 6 m (20 ft) is allowed.
    RS‑232 Cable: Installed in the same room as the D6600; maximum length 15 m (50 ft). For UL installations, installed in the same rack as the D6600; within 6 m (20 ft).
    Management: HTTP (internal web server) Telnet login DeviceInstaller software
    System Software: Flash ROM standard. Downloads from a TCP/IP host (TFTP) or over serial port.
    Diagnostic LEDs: On top of unit: Power / Diagnostic (Blue) RX Serial 1 Activity LED (Green) TX Serial 1 Activity LED (Yellow) RX Serial 2 Activity LED (Green) TX Serial 2 Activity LED (Yellow) On the RJ45 Ethernet connector: Ethernet Link LED on the left (Bi‑color, 10 Mbps = Yellow, 100 Mbps = Green) Ethernet Activities LED on the right (Bi‑color, Half Duplex = Yellow, Full Duplex = Green)
    Compatibility: Ethernet: v2.0/IEEE 802.3 Conettix D6600 Communications Receiver/Gateway


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    D6686_7_7_1_0R8 firmware ZIP

Product variants

ITS-D6686-INTL Receiver Ethernet adapter

Provides a 10/100 Base T network interface connection for IP account monitoring and central station automation with Conettix D6600 Communications Receiver/Gateway. Supports IPv6/IPv4 dual stack and up to 256-bit AES encryption.

Commercial Type No.: ITS-D6686-INTL
Product No.: F.01U.265.965