FPA-5000 Pre-Configured Housings, Frame-Mounted

FPA-5000 Pre-Configured Housings, Frame-Mounted
  • Time-saving and comfortable unpacking and installing
  • Easily commissioned, only customer-specific components have to be added
  • Environmentally friendly due to reduced waste
  • Convenient ordering

Product variants

CPH-0006-P Fire panel pre-configured 6 module slots

Commercial Type No.: CPH-0006-P
Product No.: F.01U.267.049

MPH-0010-P Fire panel pre-configured 10 module slot

Commercial Type No.: MPH-0010-P
Product No.: F.01U.267.050

EPH-0012-P Housing pre-configured, 12 module slots

Commercial Type No.: EPH-0012-P
Product No.: F.01U.267.052