016589 Flame detector, IR3

Commercial Type No.: 016589
Product No.: F.01U.279.762

016589 Flame detector, IR3
  • Sensitivity according to EN 54-10 Class 1: 0.1 m² flames at 25m
  • Low risk of false alarms due to different IR wavelengths and a combination of filters and signal processing techniques
  • Reliable operation, even if the lens is contaminated by a layer of oil, dust, water-vapour, or ice
  • Selectable response time
  • 2-wire or 4-wire configuration via DIP switch settings


007127 Mounting bracket for IR3 flame detector

Commercial Type No.: 007127
Product No.: F.01U.279.880


016091 Test unit for IR3 flame detector

Commercial Type No.: 016091
Product No.: F.01U.279.881