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Latest video technologies and products


DINION IP thermal 8000 camera

Ensures early detection by combining thermal imaging with Intelligent Video Analytics.


DIVAR network and hybrid recording solutions

Always a suitable solution with the DIVAR network and hybrid.


Starlight cameras

The inventors of starlight technology bring improved light sensivity and video analytics at the edge.



With the DIVAR IP 5000, Bosch makes data storage safe and simple.


IP 4000 and IP 5000 cameras

With the IP 4000 and IP 5000 portfolio, Bosch has raised the bar and set new standards for everyday surveillance.



The complete range of motion control cameras from Bosch, offering you total control of what you choose to see.


MIC IP 7000 HD

MIC IP 7000 HD cameras capture detailed images in harsh environments and critical infrastructure sites.


FLEXIDOME IP panoramic cameras

The ability to see everything in a single image is a major benefit. Blind spots can seriously undermine the reliability of your video surveillance solution.


4K ultra HD cameras

4K ultra HD solution covering a large area and identifying objects even at a great distance.


IP 2000 cameras

With the IP 2000 family, we offer a cost-effective solution especially designed for small retail businesses and homes.


Specialty cameras

Whether it’s darkness, danger of explosions, weather conditions or vandalism, a Bosch specialty camera will always operate flawlessly.